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Corporate Events

Break out of the usual work-outing mind-set and let us plan an exciting day outdoors for your team. Our corporate trips provide an environment for team building activities, developing leadership skills, or just some fun away from the office. From river rafting to rock climbing, let the outdoors be the setting in which you challenge and entertain your team.

Our philosophy is that people learn most effectively by doing. Our belief is that leadership can also be taught, and our classroom is the outdoors, where employees experience leadership by actively engaging team members in problem-solving challenges. Through unique team building and corporate training programs, Adreno utilizes a wilderness setting to create appropriate challenges for working together effectively and creatively. Our programs support the development of effective leadership through experiential learning, using the wilderness as a powerful tool and medium for personal and group development.

Corporate Trips And Adventure Holidays
We understand that every organisation is unique, so we tailor make our packages to suit your requirements.

There are so many opportunities for corporate activity weekends. They work perfectly as reward weekends, sales incentive trips or morale boosting team outings. We can help with any corporate adventure trip, no matter how big or small your team is.

Adreno deliver team development activities, ranging from- ice breakers to fully blown team building events.

The key to a successful corporate outing is all in the planning, so let our team look after you from the very start.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us for more information.

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Team Building

Business teams and organisations that have experienced a team building, Fun team outing or a Reward event are clear as to the benefits! They can be very useful events to ensure your people work effectively and can function well together. A suitable mix of adventure activities, team challenges and problem-solving are an ideal recipe for team bonding and for people to grow together.

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Team Building Activities

Team activities can be as integral to the weekend as you want them to be – some companies want to have meetings interspersed with gentle team activities; some firms like to have high-adrenaline team-building challenges coupled with a few meetings; and a couple of businesses out there like to eat, drink and be merry with the odd adventure thrown in for their team building activity weekend – it's completely up to you!
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Corporate Get Away

We provide a range of solutions to companies who are looking to get away and spend some time working and relaxing together and generating a strong bond between teams or departments. We can cater for groups of all sizes and have Campsites, Resorts or Hotel accommodation to suit all budgets and requirements. A corporate activity event does not have to blow the budget and we are specialists at finding cost-effective ways of offering international standard quality and safe trips.

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Corporate Weekends

No matter what you choose to do you will always experience a great quality product with Adreno and come away with some fantastic lasting memories of what could well be known as the best and unique corporate trip ever!

Meeting rooms and seminars can be built into any of our programmes, just let us know what you require. Many companies take advantage of the positive vibe to set new targets and goals for their business. Not only have their teams been motivated but the chance for their employees to talk to them in an informal setting and vice versa has paid dividends come quarter end!

No matter what your requirements or ideas for your exciting successful team build weekend away we can help.
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Our Adreno Corporate Holidays

Offers an excellent opportunity for your work colleagues to bond as a team, don't forget you spend most of your waking and working lives together, so sometimes it's good to get out of that office and spend some time trying a new activity or develop existing skills while you are relaxing. A corporate trip can positively impact morale, attitude and performance of all.

Living together even for two days in the outdoors allows people to form a common bond away from the work place. Co-workers establish friendships as they support one another to overcome hurdles, and they form better working relationship by enjoying outdoor activities together.

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Our clients include executives, management teams, and trainer, teachers, and coaches. Our participants are willing to take risks, step out of their ordinary routine and make the moves necessary for growth. Adreno has hosted events for Accenture, ACS, Bosch, CrimsonLogic, Ericsson, HCL, HP, IBM, Infosys, Intel, Intuit, Mind Tree, Sun Microsystems, Wipro, and many more.

Corporate Events
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