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Rock Climbing
Our rock climbing programs offer participants a means to push their limits safely, climb in a new environment, and develop new skills all while having fun in the outdoors. Rock climbing is accessible to anyone with a sense of adventure. The art of rock climbing is a blend of strength, endurance, flexibility, and problem solving. People are usually surprised by the subtleties of physical movement and mental focus that good climbers possess. Often the thoughtful and creative climber is more successful than the tall or more powerful climber. No experience is needed for our rock climbing programs. Adreno offers a wide variety of courses from single-pitch to excellent multi-pitch climbs designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced climbers. In fact, we specialize in teaching beginners the safest and most efficient climbing methods and custom tailor our courses to your level of experience and interests.
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Basic & Advance Rock Climbing Courses

During our introductory course, you will learn all the fundamentals needed to climb safely and successfully. We will teach you about climbing equipment and how to use it properly. We then teach proper climbing commands and techniques, including how to rappel. You will have ample time to practice and enjoy the view from the top. All equipment is provided. All you need is a desire to climb.

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One or Two Day Rock Climbing Programs

If you have limited time and want to get away for a quick one or two days of rock climbing, we organize and teach in nearby areas such as Ramanagaram, Savanadurga and Thurahalli. At these locations, there are many bolted routes and many of them are in the shade, so you can enjoy the climb without working up too much of a sweat in the sun.

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Rock Climbing Tours near Hampi & Badami

These courses focus on technical traditional climbing skills. In addition to camping and travel skills, you'll learn belaying, rappelling, hazard evaluation, protection placement, knots, and rope handling. We strive to improve your movement over rock and potentially prepare you for lead climbing.

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