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White Water Kayaking
An inflatable kayak is a fun way to maneuver through rapids because it gives one a real kick of adrenaline. Being a smaller craft than a river raft, it gives more rush even in the slightest turbulence of water. Performing under the strict supervision of qualified and well trained instructors, Adreno runs one of the wildest rivers in Southern India, River Sita.
River Kayaking
One of the most beautiful rivers cascading through the tropical rain forests of Western Ghats. The trip is approximately 11km long, and the entire stretch comprises of Grade +2 to Grade 3 rapids, which offers thrill seekers and adventure freaks a rush of adrenaline. The stretch that Adreno runs goes through a beautiful valley. It offers a surreal glimpse into India's wilderness, which allows you to experience the beauty of Mother Nature on a personal level.
River Kayaking
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