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In it's simplest form, a glider is an unpowered aircraft an glider without a motor. Gliders are amazing and graceful machines and are about as close as humans can get to soaring like birds, Paragliding offers perhaps the easiest and most fun way for almost anyone to realize the age old dream of personal flight.

Paragliding is considerably less strenuous and the level of physical effort required to practice the sport of paragliding unlike hang gliding is minimal. Paragliding is a free flight. The paragliding pilot launches by running down the slopes of a hill in to the prevailing breeze until the canopy inflated over his head lifts him away from the surface of the earth.
Paragliding 1
With a few easy steps, Pilot will launch himself from any convenient hillside or mountain top and glide smoothly and silently to a gentle landing hundreds or even thousands of feet below. ADRENO offers people who would like to learn and fly by them self and also tandem flights i.e. fly with an instructor.

Best Season around Bangalore: December to January.
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