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Our mountaineering expeditions accommodate climbers with varied objectives and skill levels, from novice climbers on their first glacier, to seasoned veterans ready to tackle the peaks of the Indian Himalaya. Our programs will teach you how to safely move higher on the mountains, explore the glaciers, and reach the summits. Most importantly, no previous climbing experience is required to participant in our mountaineering programs. Anyone with strong physical fitness and a desire to learn about climbing can enjoy our Himalaya mountaineering programs.
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Those new to mountaineering will learn the basic skills needed to reach the summits throughout the course of the trip. Our guides will teach those new to expedition climbing how to evaluate a variety of climbing situations, master technical climbing skills, and become a viable team member of an expedition. For seasoned mountaineers, our guides and ground support will enable you to reach your goals.
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Adreno's guided mountaineering trips are based on a customized itinerary to best suit your skill level and ambitions, as well as to take advantage of seasonal conditions. These itineraries can include a combination of guided ascents, mountaineering skills training, and/or rock and ice climbing. We organize mountaineering trips to the Kumaon, Garhwal, Lahaul, Leh / Ladakh regions of the Indian Himalaya from April to October.
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"All my life, people have asked the question, directly or indirectly, why in the hell do you climb mountains? - I can't explain this to other people. I love the physical exertion. I love the wind. I love the storms. I love the companionship in the outdoors. I love the reality. I love the change. I love the rejuvenating spirit. I love to feel oneness with nature. I am hungry; I enjoy eating. I get thirsty; I enjoy the clear water. I enjoy being warm at night when it's cold outside. All these things are extremely enjoyable because, gosh, you're feeling them, you're living them, and your senses are really feeling. I can't explain."

- Paul Petzoldt

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