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About Us

Since 2003, Adreno has provided education-based adventures to individuals craving exploration, experience, and development of both body and mind. Through countless activities, we offer opportunities for individuals to develop new skills, test limits, and attain higher levels of health and awareness. A variety of single-day and multi-day excursions, family trips, youth development programs, and corporate team-building options cater to individual and group needs. By dedicating ourselves to creating memorable and safe adventures, we strive to provide tools and opportunities for clients to grow and interact with the world in new ways. Our mission is to continuously explore and pursue knowledge and appreciation for the outdoors, and we have been repeatedly praised for our expertise by a variety of media sources and industry professionals. Join us on your next outdoor adventure.

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Our Mission
Adreno's mission is to provide a safe, exciting outdoor experience that empowers and educates people while cultivating leadership skills, self-confidence, and teamwork. We strive to uphold the highest regard for quality and integrity in the pursuit of education and the constant exploration of the outdoors and the limits of the self, physically and mentally — and, of course, to provide an amazing time and unique opportunity to meet new people.
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Our Team

Our satisfied guests tell us that our guides define the Adreno experience. Boundlessly passionate and caring, our outstanding team strives to exceed expectations and transform great days into unforgettable adventures. In addition to backgrounds filled with international travel, outdoor education, and athletic expertise, our seasoned guides uphold the highest international safety standards in the outdoor adventure industry and act as a resource for adventure seekers, publishers and media organizations.

Adreno staff holds certifications from International Institutions like , National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) ,Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) for CPR & Wilderness First Aid ,Rescue 3 International for White Water Rescue Technician and also from National institutions like Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) –Uttarakashi, Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering(HMI) -Darjeeling, General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure(GETHNAA)-Bangalore.

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Our risk management record is the best in the outdoor industry. This is not simply a promotional statement but a testimony to our conservative nature when it comes to decision making. While adventure has inherent risks, route planning, camp selection, student instruction and leadership training start with a concern for the well-being of participants. This holds true for all the Adreno outings and expeditions. When making decisions and organizing trips, safety is our primary focus. At the start and conclusion of each program our safety protocol is reviewed and updated, and our participants/staff recommendations are implemented. In addition, we constantly update our injury prevention program.
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Environmental Responsibility
We look to keep the mountains and wilderness clean because it is our home, and we want to return to these pristine environments. Leave No Trace principles are fundamental to our programs, and we encourage all who climb, trek or raft with us to understand proper wilderness practices. We help facilitate this effort by passing on Leave No Trace training and literature to all the Adreno participants.
How Adreno Works

All Adreno outings and expeditions are carefully planned. Gear, location, fitness level and local knowledge are crucial elements to prepare for a trip. This means we investigate quality trips, select optimum routes, supply top quality provisions, and develop safety programs for each outing. Unlike many organizations, we plan and lead our own trips.

We have always felt that personal attention is an integral part of putting together team-oriented expeditions. We understand that being a premier adventure organization is not only about offering quality services, but about helping each individual achieve their personal goals. Helping participants achieve personal goals starts well before the trip begins, so we make great efforts to be accessible and respond quickly to all inquiries. Whether you are attending our whitewater rafting trips, climbing with us to the summit of a remote peak in the Himalayas, or hiking in the Western Ghats, we treat every correspondence with utmost care and consideration.

Although our trips and expeditions vary in difficulty and skill level, we expect participants to have a positive attitude and be physically and mentally prepared for the demands of the trip. We strongly believe in the idea of "team effort" and presume each climber shares our passion for wilderness, cultures, and environmental issues. .



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