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Why Adreno
  Adreno does not outsource any of our trips. Given the safety standards required in our outdoor adventures, we always use our own staff and equipment. Adreno's mission is to provide a safe, exciting outdoor experience that cultivates leadership skills, self-confidence, and teamwork. Our outstanding team strives to exceed expectations and transform great days into unforgettable adventures. In addition to backgrounds filled with international travel and outdoor education, our seasoned guides uphold the highest international safety standards in the outdoor industry.
  Corporate Outings - Heading
Corporate Events   Break away from typical work-outings and let us plan an exciting day outdoors for your team. Our corporate trips provide an environment for team-building activities, developing leadership skills, or just fun away from the office. From rafting to rock climbing, let the outdoors be the setting to challenge and entertain your team.
  School and College Program
School and Colleage Adventure   Adreno student programs inspire exploration, leadership skills, and self-confidence. Our programs present students with realistic challenges in a safe and fun environment. The exhilaration of running whitewater rapids, reaching the summit after a picturesque hike, or climbing to the top of a rock face for the first time develops courage and self-awareness. Working as a team and making decisions as a group cultivates flexibility, compassion, and community. The lasting positive influences empower students to confront and overcome future challenges.
  Family Adventure
Family Adventure   Adreno introduces families with kids of all ages to the outdoors, and our experienced guides incorporate teamwork and education into all activities to ensure your family can safely appreciate the wilderness. Take family bonding to the water, from lazy rivers to thrilling rapids. Feel the sense of accomplishment in conquering a mountain peak along with your seven-year-old. The whole family will enjoy zip-lining through the jungle after completing one of our many ropes courses. Our adventures are designed to help families face new challenges together, grow from the experience, and enjoy the outdoors.
  Special Needs Programs
Special Needs Programs   Adreno organizes outdoor activities specifically for physically, emotionally, and developmentally challenged individuals in an engaging environment. These social service programs are designed to provide the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors, while meeting the needs of the group with compassion and sensitivity.
Adventure Activities
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One Day Outings-Bangalore
Adreno offers customized one day outings to any group size of Youths, corporates, Schools, colleges, children and family. You can choose from a variety of outings for all skill levels — from rock climbing, Trekking, White-water rafting, Team-building, Wild life safari, Kayaking to Paragliding, and Camping, these are just a few of the day trips that will whet your appetite for adventure. Many of our one day trips are also multi-adventure and offer several of these activities all rolled into one trip.  
Trek in Himalayas
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